Virtual Clip File – writing of all stripes

Seattle Greenlaker, local news for Seattle’s GreenLake neighborhood

Garden Design

Blade Stunners Real Simple magazine, ornamental grasses

History in Bloom  Hartford magazine

Contain Yourself Connecticut Home & Garden, interview with author Sydney Eddison

Heirloom Bulbs  Flower Gardens magazine

Homes & Interior Design

Surprises Inside Connecticut Home & Garden, A “Not So Big House” in West Hartford, CT, features fabulous details

Curb Appeal Connecticut Home Living

No Frills: The Coolest  Nurseries Connecticut Home Living

Passion for Paint Connecticut Home Living magazine; the debate over full-spectrum paints.


Dominick Dunne at Home Connecticut Home Living magazine

A Hand to Hold Adoptions International and domestic adoptions, Hartford magazine

Blending Cultures to say “I Do” Hartford magazine, bicultural wedding ceremonies

 Independent Bookstore Closing after 20 Years Newsday newspaper

Playing with Sticks  Chicago Parent, kids learn knitting can be as fun as their Xboxes.


blogs for  Seattle entrepreneurial business coach Lenora Edwards

Silver Bullets

Sell Your Results, Not Your Process

You Can’t Create in A Vacuum


Cultivating Words: The Guide to Writing About the Gardens and Plants You Love (Paula Panich, Tryphon Press) features essay “Into the West” about new varieties of Agastache.


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