Garden Writing

In print, my garden writing has been published in magazines nationwide, including Real Simple, Flower Gardens, and Connecticut Home and Garden.  Online, I have the pleasure of writing lifestyle and garden features for local news blog Seattle Greenlaker, and enjoyed writing for its award-winning predecessor, MyGreenLake.

Here are some favorites:

Grow Up! – weave magic in your garden with vines

Clematis montana var. Rubens. Credit: Erica Grivas

The Shape of Things –  gardeners manipulating nature –just because they can

Get Your Veggies On  – what you need to know to get started

Golden Sweet Pea, a yellow heirloom. Erica Grivas

Plant that Tomato – I Dare You – the alchemy of coaxing tomatoes from the mist





Design Short Cuts to Your Dream Garden – as close to instant gratification as gardens get, next to a flower show






All features from Seattle Greenlaker



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